Why do People buy Supreme ?

Why do People buy Supreme ?

Why do People buy Supreme ?



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Looking at Toys are a UK based reseller of Supreme. As individuals we have been buying and selling collectables including Supreme and other streetwear brands since before 2014. It was from this passion and interest  that our company Looking at Toys was born. Looking at Toys now has an extensive collection of Supreme Clothing and Accessories for sale. In addition we also feature other streetwear brands including – Nike , Bape , Uni Qlo , Travis Scott and more.

In this article we discuss the appeal of Supreme. What makes Supreme Clothing and Accessories such hot buys and a favorite among hype beasts and collectors.


Limited Editions

Supreme clothing and accessories are for sale on Supremes website and in store for a limited time only. Once the drop has taken place the items are rarely produced again and may not become available at Supreme once they have sold. Many accessories are produced in only limited and small numbers making them very desirable amongst collectors.

Supreme UK

Supreme Store Japan


Supreme is very sought after and it tends to sell out on release, and not everyone is lucky enough to get the item the item they want. A whole market exists based on the resale of Supreme. As more and more people try and get that one rare and sold out piece prices of sold out pieces tends to be pushed up. Looking at Toys have a wide selection of both modern and vintage pieces of Supreme on their website. www.lookingattoys.co.uk

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supreme box logo hoodie


The Hunt

Human nature is to hunt and to have what others do not have. The same goes for rare and sought-after pieces of Supreme amongst collectors there is that wish to have that one rare and sort after piece that is the envy of other collectors. Supreme have produced several limited items in very few numbers like the Black  Camacho, Pin Ball Machine to and Pin Ball Machine name but a few.  The supreme box logo hoodie continues to be a favorite amongst collectors

Supreme Black Camacho

Supreme Black Camacho

Supreme Collectible Toys

Supreme have made many collectible toys which brings the brand to the attention of collectors of rare toys like those found on lookingattoys. Supreme accessories include the Supreme Kermit , Supreme Hot wheels , Supreme Camacho and  Supreme Arktip skateboards . Looking at Toys are resellers of collectible and rare toys and we can not pass on this as being one of the reasons why we buy Supreme.

Complete your collection

Supreme will often have a theme across a drop that will see the theme  across several items like tees , tops and trousers and decks and plates. This encourages collectors to try and get everything in the range. If you are missing an item of Supreme from your collection then Looking at Toys is definitely worth a visit as they have so many Supreme accessories and Supreme clothing available to choose from.

top 10 reasons why people buy supreme


Celebrity Endorsement

Many celebrities have been seen wearing Supreme and the item worn by a celebrity can suddenly sky rocket in price. The supreme fox racing pro frame roost deflector vest in black is a prime example. This particular Supreme  vest which is available on www.lookingattoys.co.uk was an item that had little interest until it was worn by a famous rapper. Other celebrities that have been seen wearing Supreme Clothing include Travis Scott, Sheck Wes, Tyler the Creator and Justin Bieber. Supreme tee shirts have also featured many famous artists including Madonna , Kate Moss and Buju Banton.

Supreme Kate Moss X Original Fake

Supreme Kate Moss Tee Shirt


Many Brands have had collaborations with Supreme. Notable collaborations include Zippo Lighters , Packlite, TNF, Champion, and Hanes. The number of Supreme collaborations is almost endless.

Artistic Merit

Supreme is famous for its skate decks and these have featured the artwork of Gilbert and George, Damien Hurst and Kaws. Supreme decks have also featured Lamborghini branding. The decks that feature artwork will often be part of a collection that can be difficult to complete due to the Supreme limit on one purchase per customer, this is where Supreme resellers like looking at toys can help as they will often have the one piece from your collection that you are missing. As art pieces Supreme have made many items of clothing including the 25TH Anniversary Swarovski crystal tee and hoodie.


top 10 reasons why people buy supreme – artistic merit


Supreme has a large and varied collector base. The community is very active across various social media platforms with owners and collectors showing their collections. Looking at Toys is proud to share its collection on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter. Why not follow us there to see what we have new into our collection. Our collection includes both new and vintage Supreme.

tavis scott in london

Travis Scott leaving Supreme Store London – photocredit @purplebearlv

Looks Good on

Supreme clothing is made to be worn and looks good on. Each season Supreme continues to innovate and create new designs and has new collaborations. Supreme also continues to stick to its core design and the  famous Supreme Box logo Hoodie is and will be for ever very popular.

Supreme t-shirt Nasty Nas

Supreme t-shirt Nasty Nas


Looking at Toys are a trusted UK based reseller of Supreme our collection features Supreme Clothing and Supreme Accessories. Visit our website www.lookinhgattoys.co.uk to browse our ever growing collection. Supreme clothing can be shipped the world over by us. These are just a few of the reasons why people buy Supreme – whats your top reason to buy Supreme ?


More About Us

Looking at Toys are resellers of Supreme Clothing and Accessories. We also have a large collection of vintage and modern movie posters. Our Collectible Toy catalogue is huge and includes many toy lines. Our stock is hand picked for its current or future collectability. We therefore tend to avoid unboxed and very damaged items unless they are very rare.

If you are after a bargain visit our auction area. We do not charge any buyers premiums and the price you pay includes UK shipping. Very competitive International shipping is available on all our auction items.

You can find Looking at Toys on YouTubeTwitterInstagram and Facebook. The stock we hold is regularly updated so be sure to follow us on at least one of these platforms.

Above all we like to chat about the products we sell and invite you to chat with us and read our blog that contain a wealth of information and go into some detail on certain products. If you would like a particular blog or review why not contact us and we will give this some consideration. We may be able to do a dedicated video or review for you.

Free UK Shipping and very competitive international shipping available.

We Hope you enjoy

Looking at Toys

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Blog Post – top 10 reasons why people buy and collect Supreme Clothing and Accessories by looking at toys

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