Best Rare Supreme Accessories

Best Rare Supreme Accessories

Best Rare Supreme Accessories – In this post we review some of the best and rarest supreme accessories.

Supreme have released many rare and exclusive accessories over the years. They first started out in a small office space in Manhattan back in 1994 and since then Supreme has become one of the most well known brands worldwide.

 Supreme Camacho

The supreme Camacho Toy was a collaboration between Supreme x 360 Toy Group, released in 2002, only three hundred of each colour were made and they have become highly collectable for Supreme Collectors. They feature a green, Pink & Orange colourway and on the resale market in good condition they could fetch up to £800. These Rare Supreme Toys are hard to come across and they even produced a Black colourway which were given to friends & family, there were only around one hundred produced in the black colourway making it one of the rarest Supreme Items released, if found on the resale market the black colourway would be worth around £3000.

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Sneakers to rock in 2023

Sneakers to rock in 2023



Shoes to rock in 2022?

We have sourced a pair of Nike AF1 on the Looking At Toys website, they are a rare/unique collaboration from Supreme NBA X Nike. These shoes were released back in March 2018 only available via the Supreme New York website.

However, looking at toys have obtained a sold-out dead stock factory laced pair. These exclusives are unworn & Unused with a box, also in the black colourway. Looking at toys regularly re-stock sold out supreme.

Shoes to rock in 2022?

Why Do People Buy Supreme?

Supreme release a lot of Rare & Exclusive items and they usually sell out within minutes, it’s also rare that items will be reproduced again so it adds to its exclusivity. Collectors will go out of their way in search of rare Supreme items and looking at toys is one of them!

They are a UK based reseller of rare supreme items, as individuals they have been buying and selling rare collectables since before 2014. Their interest and passion paved a way for them to create Looking at Toys. They now have an extensive collection of Supreme clothing & accessories, Vintage Toys, Vintage & Modern posters and a variety of other streetwear brands such as Nike, Bape, Uni Qlo, Travis Scott & more!

Supreme collaborate with many companies to make exclusive one-of-a-kind items, some notable collaborations are Zippo lighters, Champion, TNF & Packlite. Often celebrities can be seen wearing Rare supreme items

Shoes to rock in 2022?


More about Looking at Toys

Looking At Toys handpick all their stock to ensure you get the best quality available. They also tend to avoid unboxed & Damaged items Unless they’re extremely rare. Their stock is growing weekly with new exclusive items from all the latest drops.


They also host Live Auctions on their page where you can grab a bargain on Rare & Unique items, however they also don’t charge any Buyers Premiums and the price you pay includes UK Shipping. Very competitive international shipping is available on all auction items.


Follow them on social media to keep up to date with new stock and news!

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Shoes to rock in 2023

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Best Supreme Resellers in the UK

Best Supreme Resellers in the UK

Best Supreme Resellers in the UK

Supreme is a fashion brand that sells out all the time. Supreme are world famous for their clothing and accessories featuring the box logo.

There are collectors for both new and vintage Supreme. Where can you go if you miss out on a Supreme drop ? What will you do if the Supreme item you are after is sold out at Supreme or if you are after a specific piece to add to your collection?

There are many resellers of Supreme –  – are a trusted UK reseller of Supreme, they ship worldwide. On looking at toys      

you will find Supreme box logo for sale , supreme accessories for sale , supreme tees for sale and vintage and new supreme.

What makes looking at toys stand out as  a reseller of supreme ?

looking at toys have an extensive collection of Supreme for sale making them one of the best supreme resellers in the uk. Supreme is competitively priced on looking at toys website. looking at toys only sell original supreme. looking at toys also have a youtube channel where you can request a video or see one of their videos as a reference video. we love the box opening videos they do on their YouTube  channel.

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